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365 New Days, 365 New Chances

As I sit down to write this on January 30th, 2019 I feel disappointed that I didn't get around to this sooner.

Why bother talking about my New Year's Resolution at the end of January? Is there even a point?

Why do I feel so pressured to follow some unspoken guidelines in regard to MY OWN BLOG? It's mine. There are no rules.

That's where I am wrong... There is no "timeline" on when I can talk about my resolutions or anything else for that matter. That's the beauty of a blog, timelines don't exist.

As I take a second glance at my goals for 2019, I realized there are more important things than reading a book per month or learning a new language. This year, I'm focused more on finding things that help me grow, challenge and push myself as an individual.

Take these for what they are to you, but writing them down increases accountability. Speaking your desires and goals into existence increases their likelihood of materializing.

2019 New Year's Resolutions:

1. Mental Health - Me Time

One Hour. One hour a day to myself. We spend our day making lists and checking them off. I couldn't count the number of times I have skipped a therapeutic gym session to run errands or postponed a massage because I had to meet up with a friend and both just couldn't fit in my tightly organized schedule.

This is where the unraveling can begin. Taking less than 5 percent of the day to spoil, pamper and treat yourself gives your mind that small bit of relaxation and reset needed to keep things running like a well-oiled machine. I don't know about you but I find myself, without hesitation, prioritizing everyone and anything first. As you read this you may ask, that doesn't sound like such a poor quality, and you're right. I would do anything for the ones I love but what we forget is that they, too want what is best for us. ***Additionally, you cannot bring your best self to those interactions without first being of service to yourself.

2. Relationship

Being Uncomfortable. Although Josh and I recently got married this past June, we have been dating since winter 2010. 8 years. Throughout the 8 years we established our routines and at times have become too comfortable with each other. Being too comfortable with your own husband can sound odd but let me explain.

Every new couple experiences that "honeymoon phase" where everything is happy, perfect and over the top romantic - or so it seems. As the years roll on, disagreements occur. Pet peeves develop. The spark of being newly "head-over-heels in love" starts to lose some of its magic. The best relationship advice I have ever received came from a couple who had been married for 40+ years. They told me that you need to "court" one and other everyday. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED that. Instead of taking each other for granted, my resolution this year is to do more of the little things. Writing love notes "just because", making his favorite dish, booking ourselves a cooking class or even try a fitness class together. My goal is to bring back the **SPARK**.

3. Life

Expectations. Expectations from society, from social media, from my manager, from my family and from myself. There are SOOOOOOOO many expectations. Expectations to post the best, most well lit, jaw dropping photo. Expectations to excel in the workplace and attain certifications in a timely manner. Expectations to start a family. Le sigh. When do they end? Can I possibly control theses?! I've put my own expectations on myself and where I was "supposed to be" at this stage in my life. According to high school Brooke, I should be married for 3 years, have 2-3 kids and accepted into a Master's Program. At the current moment, I have attained *zero of those. Have I failed my younger self? HELLLLLLLL NO. I don't regret the journey and experiences that have brought me to where I am today. Trying to live according to expectations comes with added, unnecessary stress. Stress that I am in control of. My goal for 2019 is to take each day in stride. Not to feel "expected" to post blogs weekly or pop out three munchkins in the next 3 years. The only expectation I want to have is to grow as an individual - advance in my career on my own terms, discuss starting a family with my husband and pay no mind to others' opinions enjoy my journey through this blog at the pace that works best for me. I am excited to see what this year has in store for me and for all of you lovelies to follow along. I hope you all have started your year strong and have stuck to some (or all!) of the resolutions you set for yourself. Think of your own goals. Are they being kind to yourself? Did you make them based on anyone else's desires other than you? I'd love for you to share your goals with me in the comments below :)

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