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Challenge Accepted.

People say it's good to "spice things up" in a relationship. Aside from romantic gestures what better way to make household chores and fitness fun than incorporating them into a "Husband vs Wife" Challenge.

Points System:

No fast food that week - 2 points

No junk food that week - 4 points

No snacking after 8pm - 5 points

Daily workout - 1 points

Vacuum house - 3 points

Cook dinner - 2 points

Josh and I stuck to our challenge for just over a month and although the race was close, let's just say I had more self control when it came to snacking after 8pm :)

The challenge brought fun competition while creating interest in healthy choices, fitness and daily chores that were otherwise pushed aside.

Although we are no longer keeping track of points, I have noticed Josh becoming more aware of his snacking habits, choice of meals (especially throughout the week when he wants convenience) and every now and then he somehow manages to A C T U A L L Y place his clothes I N S I D E the hamper (not just within a 5 foot radius - miracles do happen **insert eye roll here**).

I challenge you to create a custom challenge for you and your significant other, and if you're not in a relationship ask a friend, roommate or even family member to join. Not only are you finding something fun to do with someone you love, but you're pushing yourself to add physical fitness and healthy choices into your daily routine. My hope is that even after your challenge has finished, you will continue to work each week to make healthy lifestyle choices just as you were when trying to win a competition. And idk about you but when I'm in "competition mode", I am very determined ;)

PS - The prize for winning was a date night of winner's choice, so obviously I chose tacos.. See below for victory meal.

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