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Chapters In Bloom Milestone Kit

Point of view - you're leaving the hospital with your new baby and overwhelmed with emotions. Before being discharged you're handed a folder filled with a stack of important paperwork containing a checklist of what appointments to schedule, supportive information for new parents and other health records ... and you thought giving birth was the hardest

I remember walking into our home and tossing the folder somewhere on a counter and not thinking twice about it. The first few days/ weeks were a blur as I was barely figuring out how to care for a newborn while trying to remember to feed myself.

I knew I needed to find a permanent home for this folder as it consisted of health documents, social security cards, birth certificate etc...

When I came across Chapters in Bloom I knew it would be the perfect solution for parents everywhere !

Alyssa was such a pleasure to work with and she makes picking out fonts, colors and designs stress free. Her shop is the simple solution you didn't know you needed.

My order details included:

Tote 1: Blakely Rose

Color/Font name: Gold- CreamCandy

Font of labels: Raincoat

Folders: botanical

Tote 2: Savannah Jo

Color/Font name: Gold- CreamCandy

Font of labels: Raincoat

Folders: Moroccan

She sent me two sets of folders, name decals, and milestone labels **bins sold separately - see below**. The assembly was a piece of cake and now I have a convenient and super cute way to organize Blakely and Savannah's essential paperwork + future milestones. I've already added their "first day of daycare" photos and my favorite artwork to their bins, eliminating clutter that's been sitting on our counters.

How to Order

How to Set Up Your Milestone Tote

If you're looking for bins to purchase here are three inexpensive options :)

Bin option #1

Bin option #2

Bin option #3

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