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Favorite Pregnancy Products

Pregnancy is a glorious, magical time.

Your body is literally creating life **micdrop** that's enough to win ANY argument with your S.O for the next nine months - - trust me....

Pregnancy: eat as much /as often as you want, guilt your partner into running out at 9 pm on a weeknight to find an oreo shake (thanks Josh), leave the house in sweats and an oversized shirt no matter the day or time all WITHOUT judgment... and if you grew up as a member of the IBT committee, as I did, you will soon enter uncharted waters

And although this is supposed to be such a happy time in your life..... it does come with stress, discomfort and a lot of "unknowns". This is why I decided to pull together a list of my favorite and most useful products that I used and have been recommended along the way.

Health/Wellness Products

Mama Mio Skincare - I started using both the oil (at night) and butter cream (during day) when I was around 15/16 weeks pregnant.

Tula Skin Care - Face wash, toner, illuminating serum, eye balm and moisturizing

Sunday Riley Good Genes & CEO - I had tiny hormonal bumps on my forehead throughout the entire first trimester. Then I started using these two products and within a week or so of incorporating them into my routine my bumps were completely gone!! I linked these as well as some highly recommended and more affordable options below.

Collagen Eye Mask - Cooling sensation provides comfort as well as reducing puffy under eyes, great price for the amount of eye masks you get.

Face Roller - Helps with morning puffiness and soothe headaches

Prenatal Vitamins - Not saying these are the best vitamin on the market, just the ones I decided to go with.

Comfort Products

Belly Bandit Belly Boost - Great for lower abdominal pressure relief, patented technology keeps lotions on skin and the fit is very comfortable.

UGG robe - It would be an understatement to say that I lived in this robe day in and day out during my entire pregnancy.

Lululemon Aligns: Pricy but ohhh so worth it, if you're looking for comfort then you won't be disappointed.

Athleta Leggings/Sports Bras: Over the last year or so I have found myself gravitating more toward Athleta products over Lululemon. Whether it's the sizing, product release or fit I've recently preferred Athleta.

Sleep Products

Barefoot Dreams Blanket: Yes, these are pretty ridiculously priced blankets buuuuut the one I found at Nordstrom Rack over the holidays was on sale and it's all I sleep with every night. It is SOOOO SOFT and light.

Body Pillow: At first I didn't think I would use a body pillow. I thought just having an extra pillow to put between my legs was enough but eventually as sleep was harder to come by and most positions were uncomfortable, having a body pillow became a MUST.

Noise Maker/App - If you don't want to purchase a noise maker then I highly recommend the Rain Rain app.

Ear Plugs - In hopes to sleep through Josh's snoring and the noise of the daily hustle and bustle of the world while on a night shift schedule, I kept these ear plugs on my nightstand for an easy grab when necessary.

Eye Mask: Block out the daylight and promote better sleep.

Managing Pregnancy Symptoms/ Nurse Products

Silicone Wedding Band - The swelling is real. It happened later into my pregnancy but around 34 weeks I realized that putting on my wedding band/engagement ring was becoming a dangerous game, fearing that the next time would be the time I could no longer squeeze me finger out of it.

Tops - Useful for work, as I grew out of nursing scrub tops long ago... but would be a great maternity basic to have on hand.

Scrub Pants - Great stretch and fit.

Compression Socks - Helps with leg swelling and as a nurse it helps decrease painful leg cramps during the 12-hour shift.

Sock Assist - You can laugh at this product all you want, like I did when my Grandma gifted it to me.... and now, I use it EVERYDAY.. you were right Grandma.

Mio Energy: Having to restrict caffeine to a minimum of 200mg daily I would pack these in my bag so I could easily squirt a bit into a water bottle to give me a little pick me up.

I've linked my favorite products as well as some more affordable options. Comment below if you've tried any of these / any I may not have mentioned that you swear by. Hope these products ease some of your pregnancy woes and allow you more time to embrace in the magic of growing your little bundle(s) of joy.


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