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FOMO: Or Whatever Kids Are Calling It

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Fear of missing out - - missing out on social situations, being successful or literally any opportunity that a person is not present for.

I have personally suffered from FOMO - - for the purpose of this blog think of FOMO as Regina George (shoutout to all those who got the Mean Girls reference).

However, over the years my "FOMO" definition has shifted.

My past FOMO situations would've consisted of missing parties, the latest fashion pieces and saving for the future. "Saving for the future??? OMG how could she??? What a freak..." Okay, I know no-one is sitting here thinking that, but the reasons behind why I was doing it is what has changed.

My current FOMO pertains to my family, missed opportunities for personal growth (physical and mental) and travel.

Let me explain...


Time spent taking grandparents to lunch, watching my cousins grow up and begin to tackle the all terrifying "high school scene", being the supportive backbone to my baby brother even though he just turned 2-1!?!?!? Most importantly, and one thing that has struck me the hardest since working in the medical field... realizing my parents are getting older, right along with me. As a child, if my parents came to school to sit and have lunch with me I would think they were weird and rush back to mingle with my "inner circle" in fear of moving down on the "social ranking" totem pole. Today, I light up with the idea of my dad bringing me lunch at work and spending time together, even for the brief hour. Moments shared among those who matter most are THE MOST PRECIOUS & VALUABLE things in life, I.M.O.

Opportunities for growth

For years I only focused on my physical health. Trying to maintain a healthy diet while working out tirelessly - - things that would classify me as "healthy" for anyone who saw me. While keeping up my external appearances, the internal stress and battles were pushed aside and went uncared for. Throughout the last year my OVERALL health has been a primary focus of mine. Meditation, yoga, "me-time", joining a bible study group and finding time to try new things - - like a BLOG ;) - - - has really changed me. I wouldn't say I put less emphasis on the physical but more emphasis on the F U L L package. Finding balance in both my physical and mental health routine has decreased unnecessary stress and helped clear my head, allowing me to grow in all aspects.


I use to think that saving money for retirement and travel when I'm 60 years of age and (God willingly) my children are out of school, starting lives & families of their own, was MOST important. Now I haven't fully embraced the "pick up and go" mentality, but I have started to realize how traveling (continental US and internationally) can really shape a person. New experiences, meeting people of different cultures and exploring God's beautiful creation to all ends of the Earth is just something that cannot be replaced. Recently I said yes to a spontaneous "girls trip" with my mom, aunt and two cousins to Miami, Florida. I was hesitant and panicked trying to get time off work, but in the end, during that week I made memories with my family that is not only rarely had but will be cherished forever. Josh and I have an upcoming trip to Portugal in June that a year ago we would've passed on and listed it on the "we will one day" list. Truth is, we don't know that "one day" will be guaranteed. We don't know how life will change or what curve balls will come our way. A valued piece of advice, from a terminally ill patient, I once received was not to wait on our future dreams and adventures but to take every chance you can exploring and living them out. I say with certainty, I plan to listen.

One day are you going to tell your children stories about how many TV series' you've binged, the hours of social media scrolling/stalking you've done, the calories you've counted or how large your lululemon collection is?? I doubt it.

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