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Gym Bag Essentials

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

We all have our "go-to" accessories. Whether it's your favorite pair of OTK boots for fall, the leggings you save specially for leg day (because they squeeze you in all the right places **yasssss honaaaay**) or the sisterhood of the traveling pants - like jeans that fit even when mother nature is torturing your ovaries. Below I have listed my must-haves I ALWAYS carry in my gym bag.

Go Stack Twist and Lock Jars

Such a necessity for those who like to use protein powder, pre-workout or BCAAs. I use to carry around three tubs of powders in my car and scoop them into my water bottle before and after the gym, with particles floating around in the car air **not cool**. It became a hassle. I now refill the containers with my supplements before leaving the house and don't have lug around several containers. Ya'll I'm telling you this is such a small item that makes gym going SOOOOO MUCH EASIER.

Cristina Capron Bands

First of all, shoutout to this hometown boss babe who is killing it in the fitness world. Not only does she have amazing fitspo content but she's also designed several workout bands that I have been loving to incorporate into my workout routines. Whether I'm at the gym or putting together a quick home workout theses bands have been very effective in adding a bit more intensity. BTW they are super cute and have several different designs. (Head over to my IGTV and check-out the video I posted using these bands for a home lower body burn)

FITGIRL Ankle Strap

I've been using this ankle strap for yearssssssss. It is the biggest game changer when it came to working on the peach. Time and time again I tried to awkwardly squeeze and shove my foot through a triangle attachment in order to perform glute kickbacks on cable machines. With the strap, transitioning from one foot to the other is A BREEZE! Even more important, the strap improved the intensity of the move. If your looking for the next magical piece of equipment that willl give you instant booty gains then THIS IS IT!! Not really, but really.. it may not be some magic potion but it's definitely going to take your leg day to the next level.

Carabiner Clip

One of the simplest items on this list but saves the day for me time and time again. Ever been to the gym and forgot a hair tie/headband?? Let me paint the picture, you just guzzled down your pre-workout, workout playlist blasting in your ears, you're jogging up the stairs about to tie your hair up when **GASP** your hair tie snaps and you have no backup.. I.M.O nothing kills a good workout vibe more than forgetting headphones or not having a hair tie. I have gotten in the habit of leaving 2-3 hair ties on the loop and maybe a headband.

Muscle Roller Stick

The muscle roller is compact and easier to travel with when compared to a foam roller. Targeting specific areas is simple and you can use it anywhere. No need to lay on the ground to get use out of it, you can use it standing, sitting or binging Netflix on the couch because you're too sore to get up... don't act like you haven't been there.

Spiky Massage Ball

The spiky massage ball is basically a muscle roller for your feet. I tend to get plantar fasciitis often and having this little guy handy definitely keeps the pain to a minimum. **Pro Tip: if you also suffer from plantar fasciitis, buy some dixie cups, fill with water and place in freezer. When frozen peel back part of the cup and use it as a handheld ice stick. FEELS SO GOOD!**

GOODWIPES Shower in a Bag

This is my I.C.E quick fix. It's convenient , easy and gets me in and out of the locker room feeling fresh so I can run errands, hit the mall or meet up with friends. Now, nothing feels as good as a hot shower but these wipes leave ne feeling refreshed and able to get through my day before I can go home and take an actual shower. I'm not saying that you can go to your 8 a.m hot vinyasa and then rely on a little miracle wipe to erase the B.O from the sweat soaked clothing sticking to your body, but after the light workout days when you only have a glistening cast of sweat going on, that's when the wipes are most useful.

Links and pictures for everything is listed below!

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