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"First 48" Photoshoot

Thursday, March 5th, 2020

Photography by : Lovelle Photography

We were sooooo lucky that Blakely was a week early. Her due date was March 9th which was when Michigan went into quarantine and was "the start" of the COVID pandemic. Since she was a scheduled c-section she ended up being born March 3rd which now in hindsight was a HUGE blessing. Who knows if Josh would've been allowed in the OR with me, I wouldn't have had my family there to visit and the photography shoot would've been cancelled!

Blakely's "First 48 hours" shoot was something I decided last minute and I am so thankful we did it. Babies change physically so much in the first weeks so capturing the early characteristics and details of their itty bitty faces make for precious keepsakes.

As a new mom, I was so overwhelmed learning the basics, how to breast feed, change diapers and learning to master the basics of swaddling. Joslyn, my angel of a photographer and who is also a new mother, came to the rescue and was able to help soothe Blakely and swaddled her for the photoshoot.

The session lasted about 45 minutes and the end results are absolutely stunning.....

A very big thank you to my girl Joslyn for capturing these first moments spent as a family, I will always cherish these shots.

If you are debating whether to hire a photographer or even taking a camera of your own, I HIGHLY recommend it.

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