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How I Packed My Hospital Bag(s) + Postpartum Recovery

Welcome to #MommyMonday. I figured with the time I have left in my pregnancy, I would help pass the time while sharing some fun baby related information here on my blog.

**And if y'all like it I can continue with these kinda posts after my little cutie arrives!**

Today I want to talk about packing a hospital bag... not ONLY for you that is... I packed for me, my little angel and the hubby --- God knows he won't know what to bring. I decided to throw in some postpartum essentials I have ready to-go since everyone spends time talking about pregnancy and the birth but not much about what the heck you're going to need or what to expect postpartum.

Please keep in mind this is my FIRST pregnancy so this is all a learning experience for me and I am providing this information based off things I have been recommended by other mamas or items I have researched. I am going into this "preparing"(as God laughs) for a vaginal birth but if a C-section ends up occurring I will definitely adjust the postpartum section of this post and bring you updates.

I'll include links at the end of each section for items I could get links for, and if the exact one cannot be linked I will put another good suggestion.

My Hospital Bag

Comfortable Robe & Pajamas: Although the hospital may have some to supply you I am bringing my own to ensure I am as comfy as possible ("ACAP" for short). I have several robes at home but I purchased one in case any kind of unexpected bodily fluids happen to get on it and not use my UGG robe I received at Christmas. As for pj's I have an old cotton VS sleepwear set I will be bringing because of the buttons on the shirt option - - great for breast feeding.

Slippers/Non-skid Socks: I was debating which I would like to use more and ended up going with these highly rate slippers. I would rather have the option to not walk around on the hospital floors with socks and bring it into bed with me. I'm just more of a slipper kinda girl.

Lo & Sons "The Catalina Deluxe Bag": I've had many duffle bags in my time traveling as a college athlete and after college with mini weekend getaways and I have never found a more spacious and convenient bag the this one I bought for hospital packing. Great inside and outside pocket space and the bottom storage comes in clutch for storing shoes.

Pillow/Blanket: Yes the hospital will have some to provide, however I think it's pretty safe to say who doesn't want to have their own pillow with them to ensure the best sleep possible while you're at the hospital and away from your own bed. Again, coming back to my motto - - ACAP.

Going Home Outfit: I packed a pair of my favorite black Nike joggers, socks, oversized t-shirt and my "Mom Life" sweatshirt. I thought about packing leggings but at the end of the day loose fitting is the route I wanna go.

Phone Charger: I've seen suggestions for the extra long cords, but I do not have one and do not wish to buy one at this time. Instead I am bringing one of my new iPhone chargers that is lightning fast and hoping that will do.

Entertainment: Who knows how long labor will be and if you need to pass some time or distract yourself from the chaos and anxiety you may be experiencing. Suggestions are a book, iPad, Laptop and maybe some earphones.

Toiletries: Everyone's list of needed toiletries will vary but here is what is in my bag - dry shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, contacts or glasses, makeup wipes, lip balm, deodorant, hair brush, mascara, fav natural lipstick, tinted moisturizer, Tula OG products (yes I am a bit excessive here but hey it's my bag not yours)

Hair Tie/Clip: A great idea to help keep your hair back from your face.

Snacks: *PRO TIP* is to eat something as you are headed to the hospital as this is the number one piece of advice I get from moms who have been through labor. Once you arrive you are most likely not eating for awhile. On the other hand, as soon as you can eat I suggest having some snacks on hand so you don't have to wait around for food and have something more palatable than whatever is on the hospital menu - - after all you did just push out a human being from your body so you deserve nothing but the best ;)

Nursing Bras: Obviously having more to do with postpartum items but figured I would mention these here.

Nipple Cream: Again, pp related but if you plan on breast feeding this is a must since our breasts are not use to having this much interaction and can become very dry.

Depends: A friend once told me it was a good idea to have these on hand, especially if your water breaks because it doesn't just break and stop.. your body will be leaking and the last thing you want is to be oozing bodily fluids in your car on the way to the hospital. Another reason to have these is to contain the bodily fluids that will be coming out of you after you have given birth. Once at the hospital they will have supplies for you to use but you may favorite the comfort and fit of ones you buy from the store.

Extra Bag: This was one item I saw many moms mention that I would not have thought about. Leaving the hospital they will give you lots of supplies ... take all of it!! This extra bag you bring (I have a large lululemon store bag) can help you carry these items home.

Baby's Hospital Bag

Car Seat/Cover: Okay obviously this isn't in the bag but having the car seat installed ahead of time is highly recommended so that you are not worrying about it when bringing your baby home. Fire departments will check the installation to make sure you did it correctly and provide feedback if necessary. Since I live in Michigan and will be delivering in the winter I have a car seat cover on ours already to help with the cold weather.

Home Outfit: I have about 3 different onesies packed just in case. You never know how big or small your baby will be so I have a couple different sizes.

Bottle: Even if your plan is to breast feed you never know how your body or your baby will respond when the time comes. I have a bottle packed in case I need to learn about formula feeding.

Swaddles: Bringing a couple swaddles that we will be using on a regular basis, so although some will be provided, I would rather be more comfortable using the ones I have from home.

Announcement Momentos: Letterboards, stickers, signs you name it. This is the moment we moms have dreamt about for nine months now. Make sure you pack your announcement items and if you plan on taking pictures on something other than your phone, pack a camera.

Baby Blanket: Not only to wrap your little darling in, but for us cold weather mamas we needs to prepare to keep our little ones warm as we take them home.

Pacifier: Bringing a couple just in case we need them.

Newborn Mittens, Hat, Booties: Babies can have long fingernails when they're born and these little mittens can come in handy to prevent them from scratching their adorable faces. The hat and booties are for warmth.

Daddy's Hospital Bag

Loungewear: An outfit or two consisting of sweats, a t-shirt, socks and underwear - - pretty simple

Toiletries: Whatever guys need - deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, contacts/glasses idk what else Josh is pretty low maintenance???

Snacks: Because he can keep his hands off mine!

Entertainment: Same as what I mentioned I packed for myself (book, iPad, Laptop, headphones)

Charger: For above items

Pillow/Blanket: Josh is very picky about his sleep so he will definitely be bringing his own

Postpartum Recovery

Frida Mom PP Kit: This kit has AMAZING reviews. You can buy the items separately but I found that this bundle seems to have many of the necessities for easing recovery pains.

Upside Spray Bottle: Also from Frida mom but not included in the kit.

Depends: (See "My Hospital Bag" for details)

Sitz Bath: I am going to use this to help with soothing recovery.

Nursing Pads: Great for breast feeding moms and if you aren't planning on BF than you won't need them for long.

Nipple Cream: (See "My Hospital Bag" for details)

Nursing Bras: I am bringing 2 of these from the ones I purchased that came in a pack of 5.

Belly Bandit: From the research I have done it seems that you should not put on a super restricting corset-like band immediately pp therefore allowing your organs and body to adjust to having more room again. I do plan on using one shortly after and the ones I used during pregnancy from belly bandit were amazing.

Happ Diaper Bag: This is the bag I am packing for baby items to bring to the hospital. I received it as a gift from my baby shower (thanks Chels!) and not only is it so darn cute but it is extremely helpful to keep things organized while having lots of room to do so.

I hope you found some ideas to help you in preparation for your little one on the way! If you have any questions or suggestions for me please leave a comment. This is such an exciting time and hopefully the items and information I have shared will help ease a little anxiety. Happy #MommyMonday!

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