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Little Pumpkin Intimate Baby Brunch

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Second baby ..... boy do they get such a different experience..

First child, showered with gifts, over the top baby shower, a plethora of bump progress pics while avidly reading the app updates on what size fruit or veggie your baby is each week. When it comes to the second, mama is usually busy chasing the first child around, neglects the photos and doesn't get to enjoy sleeping in, getting pampered or taking naps at in the middle of the day like the first go around. You have a family to run and these luxuries are no longer an option. Definitely something I took for granted during the first pregnancy.

When it came time to planning a baby shower I was EXTREMELY hesitant to invite anyone.. I could hear the judgement -

"She just had a baby last year." "Really another celebration, she just wants gifts".

I decided to go through with it anyway. I wanted an intimate gathering with those closest to me to help celebrate the coming of the new baby girl, regardless if she was the second, third or fourth to join my growing family.


The days leading up to the brunch I was feeling anxious. Still unsure if I should cancel the entire event. Luckily I didn't and FINALLY the day of the party was here. As guests arrived I was so excited to see everyone! I had friends from near and far as well as family gathered to shower my sweet Savannah Jo. If you are a second time mama and you're struggling with this same internal dilemma this is for you - - GO FOR IT!!!

The Party Details

**linking what I bought at the end of the blog**


Everything I purchased from decor, balloon arch and table settings was all from Amazon. I was definitely slacking on the party planning part and ordered all the necessities on Monday and thankfully arrived Wednesday evening! Talk about last minute. The total of all shower items was under $150!! Much different when compared to how much Blakely's shower cost lol.


For the brunch the menu consisted of breakfast and fajita wraps from Fireside Grill in Novi, fresh fruit, side salad and a build your own parfait station which consisted of berries, granola, honey and yogurt. Appealing to everyone and quick and easy to set up.


I loooooove playing games at showers and events, but I didn't want to repeat any that I did the first time. I decided on games that didn't need much setup or planning. We started off with "How Big is Mommy's Bump" which required everyone to cut a piece of string guests thought would fit perfectly around my belly and it got a lot of laughs! Next game entitled me reading out a rhyme while the guests passed around a gift and the last person holding it won. Lastly, guests had 60 seconds to list off a baby name starting with each letter of the alphabet and the person with the most remaining after duplicates were discarded won the final prize. The games were one of my favorite parts of the party as it brought people together and got everyone laughing at themselves and enjoying their time.


The best part of party planning was planning my outfit! I was so grateful to PinkBlush Maternity for gifting me some amazing options to choose from. I wanted something other than a baby pink dress so I got to choose from two different mauve dresses, a stunning rust colored romper and a mustard color dress. All were very flattering and even better, POST BUMP FRIENDLY!

Click HERE to see each option tried on.

Use code everydaymamadrama for 25% off PinkBlush until 10/28

Party Favors

Although it was a smaller scale, intimate gathering I still wanted to give a little gift to show my appreciation for everyone coming and taking time out of their busy lives to join me. I put together my own "Ready to Pop" gourmet popcorn bags which once again was purchased from Amazon. For Blakely's first birthday I ordered a few dozen cookies from The Cookie Bar - St. Clair and they not only tasted great but looked SOOOO gosh darn cute!! So of course I re-ordered with her and had her whip up some "little pumpkin" themed cookies. Individually packaged and convenient for guests to pick up and take home.

picture cred: The Cookie Bar - St Clair

picture cred: The Cookie Bar - St Clair

Links to decor and games below:

"Baby" confetti -

Table runner -

Burnt orange napkin -

Balloon arch -

"Baby" gold foil stackable boxes -

"Little Pumpkin" burlap sign -

Water bottle labels -

Gold plates and silverware set -

Gift tags -

Cellophane bags for favors -

Baby Games:

Rhyme Game

How Big is the Bump

Alphabet Baby Names

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