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Need an Extra Hand?

Traveling anywhere, be it your in-laws, the park or on vacation to the beach, can be a hassle with kids. Not only are you managing unpredictable toddler meltdowns and baby blowouts but also all of their material sh*t (pardon my French).

Packing up the car will never be the same once it's no longer just you. I am already an over-packer for myself, add in two kids, a husband (because let's be real I pack for him too) and a dog.... how much is it to rent a U-Haul??

This is why I love anything that can help me condense and cut down on things I bring with me. The Lulyboobaby Lounger is the best because it frees up BOTH hands and converts from travel bassinet to backpack! No need to worry how to pack TWO pack-N-plays for kiddos to lounge in. Your Lounger will become your new bestie. Even though I think its regular size is perfect, it also comes in Plus+ size so you can accommodate your growing baby's needs.

The adjustable canopy is perfect for outdoor protection, the bottom is waterproof and the cute little plush toys are a fun distraction for your little one to entertain his/herself with.

And we all know life can be messy so, never fear the breathable fabric cover is removable and washer friendly! *MOM GOALS*

Next time you're heading out of the house, overnight or for the day, I would bet a year of diaper changes (that's serious business) that you'll be grabbing for your Lulyboobaby Lounger time after time.

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