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Registry To-do's and Must Haves

Updated: May 6, 2020

One of the most requested blog posts has been about what my MUST HAVE/MOST USED baby items are now that Blakely has been here for two months. Being honest, when it came time to register I was COMPLETELY LOST and had no idea where to start (especially being a first time mom).

TIP #1

Track down any moms you may know. Whether they are a close friend, aunt or coworker..... enlisting the help and recommendations from any mom you know. The motherhood community is one of strong bonds even if you may not personally know each other. Everyone is willing to give advice and help you through your journey. I turned to several coworkers/friends of mine who were eager to tell me what they absolutely looooooved and what was not worth spending your money on. One M A J O R resource I received was a beautifully organized word document emailed to me from a friend who's sister and sister-in-law composed together. Both had recently babies (within a couple years) so they were familiar with a lot of the current popular baby items and brands. When I first opened this document I was overwhelmed when I saw how loooooong it was, but then I realized they took the time to not only list out what items they loved but also added a detailed reason why and other comparable products. Needless to say this was a life savor and how I got a majority of my registry finalized.

TIP #2

If you don't want a lot of pink and blue clothing items (going along with gender categories) specify no clothes or that gender neutral tones are appreciated. This will give you lots of hand me downs for future children you may have that are different genders from your first. Or you may simply not be a fan of everything pink and glittery....unlike me ;)

TIP #3 :

When you have your registry put togther, something to consider is releasing it in waves. If you publish your registry with items you MUST HAVE first then you can almost guarantee that those items will be purchased. Then you can add on the rest such as toys, clothes and non-essential items. Not necessary but will definitely ensure you will have the necessities from the start.

Below I will list and link my MUST HAVE items

Breast feeding

Breast feeding kit

Extra Kiinde Pouches

Boppy: probably overall the best and most used item I received (thanks to the GENIUS that invented this!)

Extra Storage Pouches: less expensive than the kiinde pouches

Hakka: amazing product to collect the little bit of milk fro the opposite breast when feeding off one side

Burp Cloths: STOCK UP! and when you are at the hospital take all that they give you in your room

Baby enjoying some bonding time after eating on Boppy


Noise maker: looooove that this is portable and can clip on to a car seat, stroller or carrier


  1. Ollie Swaddle: (link gives you 10% OFF!)

  2. Mini Scout

  3. SwaddleMe

Onesies with cuffs: perfect so baby doesn't scratch his or her face

Onesies with double zippers: SUPER convenient for nighttime changes

Night Gowns/Sleep Sack: another easy change access with feet exposed

Monitor: we considered the owlet and other higher priced monitors but are very happy with this one

SnuggleMe: not recommended for sleeping in without supervision but Blakley absolutely loves laying in this

SnuggleMe + cover for easy washing

Bath Time

Hooded Towels

Hooded Towels pack

Wash Cloths: THE SOFTEST wash cloths

Body Wash & Lotion

Baby Tub

Bath Kit: super helpful for parents - - saves the knees and elbows!

Toy Bin: not immediately necessary but for future use to keep toys organized



Frida Baby Kit

Frida Baby Sick Day Kit




Diaper Pail: many moms had varying opinions but we are very happy we received this - - seals in all the smells


Stain Remover

Odor Eliminator

Fresh Scent Booster


Car Seat: easy one-click transition from car to stroller

Car Seat Cover: doubles as a nursing cover

Car Mirror

Window Shade


Stroller Organizer

Stroller Fan

Baby carrier: more heavy duty than the wrap and is what I use on long family walks - love that it has a sun shield

Baby wrap: struggled on which one to buy and went back and forth for weeks until I pulled the trigger on this one and it has been the second best/most used product behind the Boppy

Activity & Toys

Pack N Play: since her nursery is upstairs we use this downstairs on the main level for an extra changing station

Baby Bouncer

Glider: her favorite place to be when she's not being held by Josh or I, gives us extra time in the morning to make breakfast and get small chores done

Baby Dome: my favorite outdoor item now that we are having warmer weather

Activity Gym Mat

  1. skip hop

  2. baby Einstein

Noisy Toys

  1. Ball: great for distraction and prolonging time on back in glider

  2. Ellie elephant

Teethingpop Fillable

Teething Toy

Hanging out in our glider

Tip #4 Diapers (or diaper party)

Registering for all sizes of diapers is a GREAT idea! That way you can have it spread out and not just 12 packs of size 3. Even if you do decide to register for diapers, the hubby can always throw a “diaper party” for him and his closest friends. If you‘ve never heard of a diaper party before it’s simply another excuse for the hubs to get the boys together and toss back some brews - - as long as each party guest brings a pack of diapers and/or wipes while the host supplies the brews of course ;)

A lot of information here but I hope this helps eliminate some of the unknown for new moms (or those who haven't had a baby in awhile). I am very grateful for the help and suggestions given to me when I began this process and I hope this blog will serve as a resource you can look back on or share with other mom.

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