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Summer Mocktails

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Whether you're a mom-to-be or simply looking for a non-alcoholic beverage this summer, I've put together a list of some refreshing summer mocktails. Sometimes all I crave is the taste of my favorite cocktails but not the added calories of the alcohol in them, so these have been a great choice for me during postpartum. I'm also working on stocking up on my breast milk supply for when I am at work so I have not wanted to waste anything I pump.

Moscow Mule Dupe

Club soda

Ginger beer

Lime juice

Mint leaves

PS - mint and ginger help counteract any nausea for my soon-to-be mamas

Sober Sangria

White grape juice

Choice of seltzer - personally loving Sparkling Ice

Frozen berries - easy to find packs at local grocery store


Non-alcoholic margarita mix

Strawberries (or whatever fruity flavor of your choice)


Splash of club soda

....and blend!

(Vir)Gin & Tonic

Mineral water

Splash of grapefruit juice

Lime Juice/ freshly squeezed lime wedge

Summer Sunrise

Grapefruit flavored seltzer

Orange juice

Cranberry juice

Muddled fruit of choice

Mom-osa Time

Citrus flavored seltzer

Orange juice

If you have any other favorites I'd love to try them! Enjoy!

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