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The Morning Before I Met You

The night before Blakely arrived I couldn't sleep... understandably. As I laid in bed staring at the ceiling, so many thoughts raced through my head. So I decided to write a letter to my soon-to-be daughter...

Tuesday, March 3rd 7:30 AM

At first I was ready to meet you. Filled with the excitement and questions of:

What will you look like?

What color eyes will you have?

How big will you be?

How much hair?

Then as it came time to REALLY meet you, I was sad. Sad that I no longer got to have you with me 24/7. Sad that it was no longer just you and me against the world. Sad that I could no longer shield you from the world and protect you. Sad that I would not feel your movements.

Having you here now in my arms… bigger than any emotion I have ever felt in my entire life. A mixture of love, fear, anxiety and overall blessedness. Now we take on the world together from the outside. I don’t just have the questions I mentioned before, now I have soooo many more. I don’t have all the answers, in fact, I don’t have many at all. All I do know is mine and your daddy’s love for you. That I would sacrifice anything for you -  - sleep, food, hygiene and my life. I’ll always be here for you, no matter how chaotic and unpredictable life will become.

There is so much unknown and fear but significantly more love and excitement. I can’t wait to see you grow every step of the way - - just don’t do it too fast...

Photo taken by Lovelle Photography

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