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Welcome to Everyday Mama Drama!

Everyday Mama Drama has been in the works for a few months now, but I wanted to iron out some minor details prior to making this transition. When I started out with Crunch Brunch Repeat my main focus for blogging was health and fitness, lifestyle and beauty but throughout my pregnancy and now postpartum/new motherhood journey I have come to realize my perspective has shifted. Although I'm still very much passionate about H+F and self care my TRUE calling and passion is M O T H E R H O O D.

With my this *new look*, I can still enjoy talking about workouts, fitness tips& tricks, my go to skincare and beauty faves while adding a sprinkle of mama life. Now, I enjoy discussing how my fitness journey has been affected by postpartum life and adjustments I have made post C-section recovery.

I have never experienced a more loving, supportive and accepting community who is eager to lend an ear to a complete stranger going through one of the wildest roller coasters of their life, knowing they too are on a similar journey.

All that being said, welcome to this non-judgmental, raw moment sharing space! I'm excited to continue this (blog) journey with all of you :)

photos courtesy of the amazing Nicole Marie Ivanov

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