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Why Blogging?

Are you really happy, or are you just comfortable? A question I asked myself about a year and a half ago. I was healthy, had a loving fiancé, a family who supported me, a chocolate Labrador with the biggest personality and was preparing to graduate from one of the most prestigious nursing schools in the country. Although I had so much positivity in my life I knew there was something more I had yet to accomplish.

I love fashion, but I wasn't interested in becoming a fashion blogger. I love working out, but I didn't simply want to become the next Whitney Simmons - however I am definitely a fan girl :) I wanted to do much more. I wanted to create a place I could store and expand on everything I was experiencing, struggles and triumphs, while getting to know others with similar passions. Somewhere I could share my failed rendition of a "Gingerbread Spiced Muffins" recipe I found last week on Pinterest, rave about my latest fitness routine obsession, and spill about deep, real-life topics all at the same time. After brainstorming about what this blog could entail, several thoughts flooded my mind. Will my friends judge me? Will I get hurtful feedback and backlash because blogging is trendy and "she's just trying to be insta-famous"? My mind was racing thinking about all the negatives that could come form publishing my own site, but just as easy as it was to think about all the negativity I realized how much joy could come from it. The amazing people I could meet, the satisfaction from going beyond my comfort zone and after several weeks, Crunch Brunch Repeat was born.

"Are you really happy, or are you just comfortable?"

My goal for this site is to be authentic & open. I invite you to reach out and share your own stories with me, as I do mine. In the words of Becca Kufrin, "Let's do the damn thing" - Welcome to Crunch Brunch Repeat! #Happy #ComfortZone #ChallengeYourself

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