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Working Out Is Fun, RIGHT?

Don't be misled by the title, I am not saying working out is easy. I understand and agree that workouts can be absolutely grueling, but overall fun. By fun I mean when you finish your weight lifting, HIIT circuit or kickboxing class you experience an overwhelming high that you made it through and you're still standing - at least most of the time.

If this is something foreign to you, you need to make a change. Although working out is meant to push you, you should not see it as another item to check off the to-do list. When working out feels like a job, you should take a step away and reset. Take a day off, yes you read that right, A DAY OFF. One day away from the gym will not ruin your progress. Use the time to relax and recharge - mind, body and soul. Book yourself a massage with that gift card that's been sitting in your junk drawer you got from your Aunt three Christmases ago. Then when you head back to the gym, choose a workout that interests you. Constant, repetitive routines can lead to boredom. Change it up! Try cardio, yoga, weight lifting or the Tuesday morning Zumba class. When you switch up your workout routine you are more likely to stay interested and your body is less likely to experience a plateau. Plateau can happen when you don't have variety. Weight lifting can help build muscle, yoga works your core & flexibility and kickboxing gets your heart rate up. All of which is essential. (Now, my fitfam reading this will argue that you can get cardio in while weight lifting, but you know what I am talking about).

I was the type of person who went to the gym everyday and did nothing but weight lifting circuits. I would workout 6-7 times a week, sometimes twice a day, and never took a day off. I even turned down hanging out with friends because it would interfere with my 'gym routine'. If I didn't get my workout in I felt that I had failed. I now understand that I was living an unhealthy lifestyle. I was exhausted physically and mentally. When you push too hard, you are at higher risk for injury. Luckily I realized I needed to change and I cut my routine down to 4-5 times a week. I started trying yoga, cardio kickboxing, and barre classes. I found that I was happier and had more energy. I also came to love the group fitness atmosphere. Where you find it in yourself to dig a little deeper, knowing everyone else in the class is suffering right along with you. Another way I spice up the workout scene is by dragging along a friend. Having a workout partner makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE. Similar to the group fitness classes, you push each other as if you were competing against one another. During circuits you're more likely to push a little harder and work a little longer with someone by your side. Not only that, it's fun to have someone to chat with on your breaks. Lastly, an important benefit about having a workout buddy is accountability. There have been days where my partner has needed an extra kick in the a** to get to the gym and she definitely repays the favor.

Working out is and should be fun. Every day you are able to be active is a day that you should reflect on how blessed you are to be in good enough health to do so. Don't take any day for granted. Boredom happens to us all at some point. Take it as a sign for change, not for quitting.

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