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"You Do You, Boo"

"You do you, boo" - - - a phrase commonly used between my mom and I. It first came up in conversation when she didn't agree with me, whether it was an outfit I was about to wear or something I was going to do - it's been so long I honestly couldn't tell you what we were talking about. As I continued in conversation I could feel the glaring mom eyes and eyebrow raising facial expressions become more frequent. Before she could interject with "her motherly opinion" I stopped her. I said, before you criticize me, how about we agree that when either of us doesn't necessarily share the other's opinion we say

"you do you, I'll do me"

She laughed... After a few moments she realized I was serious. I explained that the phrase simply stood for a way to express that we held a different opinion, but supported the other. My mom LOVED the idea!! It's been used umpteen times that I would guess the tally is in the thousands... maybe a bit of an exaggeration. When I think about the moments my mom and I have shared this sentence, where we forgo projecting our own opinion, I wonder how if more people used this phrase petty arguments could be non-existent.

I mean isn't she STUNNING!

Example convos:

  • Friend - I think I am going to wear rainbow eyeshadow out tonight

  • You - You do you, boo

  • Friend - I think I am going to dress as Santa Claus to school everyday this week

  • You - You do you, boo

  • Friend - I want to eat 4 servings of chipotle

  • You - You do you, boo

My world would be NOTHING without her

This phrase, or your version of it, is more of a lighthearted response in situations where people speak carelessly without thought or intention of how their opposing opinion might affect the one receiving the feedback. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion buuuuuuuuuut that does not mean that it should be spoken in every given situation. TBT to the 'Golden Rule' of our childhoods, "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all" etc... If the dress your bestie falls in love with at Windsor isn't your style but she's beaming ear to ear, rather than respond "a trumpet style just isn't my go to"-- I challenge you to insert the saying and let it work its magic ;)

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